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E-Commerce Development Company

AWSecom is a simple, up-to-date, and complete e-commerce web portal system that can help you launch your online storefront business quickly. Its robust admin panel can be used to manage a wide range of things, including products, product variants, brands, categories, customers, orders, discount coupons, pages, and much more. For the best shopping experience, AWSecom, an e-commerce web portal, is optimized for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. It is SEO-friendly and protected from attacks like CSRF, XSS, and SQL Injection.

AWSecom is appropriate for eCommerce websites that sell anything you want to sell online, including groceries, electronics, clothing, sneakers, shoes, and accessories.We provide the best eCommerce portal development services as well as affordable Ecommerce App design and development at Digiml Consulting LLP. Give us a call if you would like more information about the price of developing our eCommerce portal. Your dedicated project success manager will be available by phone, WhatsApp, or email to assist you in starting your online e-commerce business and will see to it that any issues you encounter are quickly fixed.

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Features of E-commerce Web Portal Development

Category Management

  • Control category attributes, category images, category subcategories, and category links
  • Control the image gallery and category banners.
  • Control SEO tags such as the title, description, and keywords.
  • Export the list of categories.

Control Products

  • Control products, SKUs, product categories, related categories, and associated products
  • Control product descriptions, collections, and attributes according to product categories.
  • Control the selling price, applicable GST, and MRP of the product.
  • Control product stock for every SKU.
  • Control SEO tags such as the title, description, and keywords.
  • Products and Inventory for Export

Control Orders and Payments

  • Manage order payments, verify payment status, and review order specifics.
  • Manage the client information.
  • . Control order status, including pending, confirmed, shipped, delivered, and returned orders.

Manage Customer

  • Manage customer information.
  • Export customer information and search filters.
  • Control the client's anniversary.
  • Manage the management of customer wallets and loyalty point redemption.
  • Export client information.
  • Handling product reviews from customers.

Master Data Management

  • Manage collection sizes, size charts, and product sizes.
  • Monitoring category and image gallery banners.
  • Manage the shipping and loyalty program locations.
  • Control SEO Tags (title, and description).
  • Export the masters.

Organize your Banners and Images

  • Manage the banner image for each page.
  • Manage images based on the kind of device, such as a mobile or website.
  • Manage the image, both live and inactive.

Manage website settings for E-commerce

  • Control website settings like address and contact information.
  • Footer, newsletter subscribers.
  • Contact information, such as a mailing address, email, and copyright text.

Manage Enquiries

  • Customers can contact you by phone or email with questions.

Manage coupons

  • Manage coupons by adding, editing, deleting, and selecting active or inactive.


  • Analyze statistical information in graph form.
  • View the latest orders.

Organize blogs

  • Manage the blog by adding, editing, deleting, and switching between active and inactive states.
  • Handling blog galleries and images
  • Monitoring SEO tags (title and description)

Manage Shippings

  • Manage the state, city, and pin code.
  • Manage the shipping zones.
  • Monitoring shipping costs for each zone.

Newsletter Subscribers

  • Manage newsletter subscribers.
  • Export customer information.

Manage CMS Pages

  • Manage CMS pages by adding, editing, deleting, and switching between active and inactive states.
  • Handle the CMS images and gallery
  • Control SEO tags (title and description)

Payment Gateways

  • Dynamically manage the payment gateway.
  • Add, edit, delete, as well as active-inactive.



Do you want to discuss your eCommerce website development project? Contact us!
Why go for an eCommerce Website Designing?

Ecommerce provides the businesses with a wide range of opportunities - reaching more customers worldwide, widening your products ranges and generating more sales and revenue. An eCommerce website will provide your customers around the clock service. To keep up with the rising competition, you must leverage the services of the best eCommerce Development Agency for building an eCommerce website that outranks competitors, improves customer loyalty, and drives revenue growth. You must hire a professional E-commerce website development agency that studies your brand, understands your market environment and layout a website plan that resonates with you and your customers. Here are some of the eCommerce web development services that we offer -

  • Ecommerce Platform Migration
  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly UI/UX
  • eCommerce Store Customization & Enhancement
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Inventory Order Management
  • Shipping API for eCommerce
  • Ecommerce Project Rescue
  • Ecommerce Marketplace Integrations
  • Ecommerce Security & PCI Compliance
  • Ecommerce Mobile App Development
  • Ecommerce Store Optimization
  • Reporting & Analytics
Why Digiml - Best eCommerce Design Company?

We follow the latest vogue for eCommerce website development to develop websites that reflect your brand and are user-friendly. Choosing us can give you various benefits:

  • A user-friendly and a responsive eCommerce platform.
  • Transparent business process.
  • Customizable eCommerce packages based on your business.
  • Highly experienced Developers and programmers.
  • Meet your specific business needs and requirements.
  • Project completion under the given deadline and budget.
FAQs About eCommerce Website Development
  • What are the essentials of setting up an eCommerce website checklist?

    Many elements build up a successful eCommerce website. Some of the important ones are -

    • Responsive website design
    • Clear navigation menus
    • A Webpage dedicated to the privacy policy, return policy and delivery information
    • Safe and secure payment gateways
    • Prominent calls to action
    • Appealing photography and product images
    • Customer reviews and testimonials
    • Simplified order process
    • Detailed category and product description
    • Filtering and sorting features
  • What eCommerce design standards and practices do you follow?

    Digiml is known for its agile and scalable eCommerce solutions on popular platforms like Joomla, Magento, and Woocommerce. We provide eCommerce hosting services and integrate the site with popular payment gateways. Our designers develop accessible eCommerce websites with minimal navigation and sufficient white space that will give your website a sleek and modern look. Our eCommerce websites come with a user-friendly admin content management system, are responsive, and search engine friendly.

  • What are the payment integration options on eCommerce websites?

    We use many payment gateways and e-wallets for eCommerce websites, some of the best are Paypal, CCAvenue, Razorpay, Payumoney. We also add all the necessary payment options like a credit card, debit card, and bank transfer to the eCommerce websites.

  • What kind of support services do you offer after the process of website development?

    Based on your project scope and eCommerce website requirements, we offer website maintenance services post project completion. We also regularly update your site based on changing trends. Get in touch with us directly for customized support services.

  • Do you provide custom eCommerce website design packages?

    Yes, we do. We believe that every business is unique with distinctive needs. Even though we have three pricing packages for eCommerce websites, we do provide customization. For more information, contact us.

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