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Custom Web App Services

We are aware that every business is unique and needs a tailored approach. In order to exceed expectations, we at Digiml Consulting LLP go above and beyond to identify the business needs underlying each IT project. 


MVP Development

A great way to quickly gather initial market feedback on your web app idea is to build a minimum viable product. Making fact-based strategic decisions is the main goal of MVP, which aims to maximize business value while minimizing technical effort.


Frontend Development

Design, graphics, usability, and user-friendliness are the factors that, in the eyes of end users, most influence a web app's overall success. At Digiml Consulting LLP, a great user experience, intuitive design, and ease of use are always prioritized.


Backend Development

A custom web application needs a strong and trustworthy backend foundation in order to be scalable, reliable, and secure. There are many available languages, frameworks, and tools, but don't worry we are experts in the backend and will make the most of them for you.



Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a type of web app that can function on any device as both a web page and a mobile app. It is a fantastic solution for your online store's low conversion rates and poor mobile UX. PWA aims to deliver a native-like user experience with faster conversion and cleaner browsing even with a slow Internet connection by utilizing standard technologies.

Web Applications We Create

Custom Web Apps

Custom web application development provides exclusive functionality to help you streamline workflows and expand to meet the unique needs of your business.


Our custom website application development services can help you achieve your goals, from enhancing the customer experience to increasing online visibility to building brand credibility.

Web Portals

Platforms for partners, customers, or employees help manage diverse business processes or data sharing securely and efficiently, supporting multiple user roles.

Cloud-Based Web Apps

Create highly scalable cloud-based web applications and provide enhanced capabilities using the cloud environment.

Enterprise Systems

Web development offers companies a variety of software to support processes specific to their industries, such as insurance claims or inventory management.


Building software that works on several devices even with a slow Internet connection is now possible through the progressive development of web applications, which is a fantastic alternative to native applications.

eCommerce Platforms

Use our e-commerce web development services to offer B2B and B2C platforms with a variety of payment options, live chat, and product browsing to drive your sales.

ERP Systems

With a customized ERP solution that seamlessly integrates with other enterprise applications, you can monitor enterprise resources, such as cash, raw materials, or production capacity, as well as workflow states.

CRM Software

A CRM platform is the ideal tool to simplify communication and improve the customer experience if you want to boost your sales, marketing, and service operations.

CMS Solutions

Website development often includes CMS software as a powerful tool to maximize website content, reduce maintenance costs, and speed up platform performance.

Web Application Development Process


Discovery & Planning

In order to implement your web appliaction development project step-by-step on time and within your budget, our business analysts carefully examine your business requirements and processes. They also take into account your preferences and needs.


Architecture Prototyping

Our software engineers' expertise will guarantee that the architecture prototyping includes crucial use cases and user stories on a given architecture framework to direct further development.


UX/UI Design

Wireframes will be created in this phase to show you how the app will appear and function, and the best design approach will be used to deliver a fantastic user experience on both mobile and desktop devices.


Frontend & Backend Development

We'll put together a database, frontend functionality, and backend functionality using industry best practices and technical tools for developing web software, and then deliver a high-quality web app tailored to your company's needs.


Application Evaluation

To make sure your application operates effectively, manages peak loads of data and usage, and offers the desired functionality in a highly secure way, our team of QA Specialists implements full-cycle testing.


Web App Deployment

Your web application is ready to be deployed, moved to the production environment, and made live so that end users can enjoy using it and take advantage of its functionality once we have ensured that it functions without a hitch.


Support & Maintenance

When you require our post-implementation maintenance & support services, such as adding new features to your application, addressing bugs, or delivering regular updates, we'll be there for you.

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