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IT Solutions / Services for Start-Ups in New York City

World-class Startup IT Consulting Services

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IT Solutions / Services for Start-Ups

IT Solutions / Services for Start-Ups

Your start-up business evolves with the right technologies and right applications. At DigiML, our experienced team of business analysts, developers, devops engineers build solutions that uses right mix of technologies which stays relevant for a longer term, are cost effective and can scale automatically with traffic.

DigiML is one of the reputed Startup IT Solutions & Services Providers in the industry, guiding several start-ups across business sectors in their growth trajectory, with impactful and result-oriented futuristic solutions. Our services ensure end-to-end implementation of solutions, starting from ideation to execution, building your business framework stronger.

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Building an ecosystem for your start-up from scratch

Ideation Plus Brainstorming – Ideating on paper, doing a comprehensive GAP analysis, and assessing the market demand. We check out the technology stack that is required to make the business model successfully functional, and prepare an extensive SRS documentation.

Conceptualizing the Product – We take a detailed approach to define the functionality of the product. Also, we create an extensive road map in an end-to-end framework, including wire-framing process and designing of prototypes.

Designing and Prototyping – We evaluate and analyze the architectural framework, and its user-friendliness. We reach a final design, suitable for the product, through validation and testing.

Developing Product – Our professional approach for developing a product occurs in a phase-wise manner following agile development process utilizing the latest technology stack.

Quality Assurance through Beta Testing – Our experts define the different test cases right from the SRS, accompanied by functional testing through both manual methods and automated techniques. Our developers focus on conducting acceptance, and usability, along with regression testing.

Launching Product - Once the beta testing is completed we launch the product to its live environment. The product is monitored 24x7 through automated applications for uptime and logs are monitored for any unusual behaviour.

Performance Optimization – Our team stresses on locating the drawbacks of the product, and try to find the causes that affect its performance. The product performance is benchmarked and accordingly reported.

Maintenance plus Monitoring – Our team is available for 24/7 to support right from tracking performance to bug fixes and associated reporting services. Moreover, there are timely product upgrades, besides implementations of version releases.

Types of technologies we work with
  • Backend - Python, Flask, Django, PHP, NodeJS
  • Database - MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firestore, DynamoDB, Firebase
  • Frontend - ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS
  • Mobile - React Native, Android, iOS
  • Cloud - Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Linode
  • Monitoring - Sentry, New Relic, Cloud Watch
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Types of technologies we work with

At each and every stage, we help start-ups

As companies grow and expand their businesses, it is extremely critical to provide the necessary technical support and encouragement to start-ups, on the journey of their growth. The objective here is transforming the business into a highly profitable venture in near future. As one of the forward looking and innovative IT solutions providers, we prioritize associating with various start-ups productively.


In cases when you are trying to bootstrap your start-up, we would help in improving the ROI, We would efficiently implement Minimum Viable Product (MVP) solutions, with a technically minimal approach, supporting the start-up idea you have. We also support through Proof of Concept (POC) solutions.

Accelerator / Incubator

We have several years of experience in helping different start-ups across the industry, by playing the role of an accelerator / incubator to them. We could do the same for your idea, and create an end-to-end thorough journey of the service / product of your start-up, giving it a right direction.

Seed Funding

When you have secured the seed funding in the initial stages of growth of your start-up, our experts help you in implementing the best scalable solutions related to the architecture, plus the upgraded technology stack. Moreover, you would receive 24/7 consulting support from our experts.

VC Funded

Start-ups receive investments from various Venture Capitals. They do so to support you, so that they get positive returns on their investments. We ensure that your product optimization is in right place, with all kinds of upgrades, not affecting the trust of the Venture Capitals.

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Why Digiml?

There are several pertinent reasons to select us to develop your website and / or build your apps. We have a considerable reputation in the tech sector about our expertise in modern tech-based frameworks and creating highly scalable solutions for a wide spectrum of business domains with a highly professional approach.

  • More than 17 years of experience Rich industry experience

    Through several years, we have served numerous clients. Building responsive and efficiently scalable web solutions has been our forte. All our developers are smartly versed with various modern software programming language, tools and frameworks.

  • Ethical Practices Affordable pricing

    Are you worried about the budget? There is no need to be concerned as we price our services competitively. You don’t have to pay an exorbitant fee to build an app or web platform. We do brainstorming sessions with our clients, deciding on the customizations. Meeting client requirements comes first.

  • Non Disclosure Agreement Timely delivery

    Do you require a web app to be delivered under a stringent deadline? Are you planning to launch your business website next month? We are not afraid of deadlines. Our developers work diligently to build your business apps and platform for a quick launch.

  • 24x7 Assistance Round-the-clock assistance

    We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, throughout the year. For any queries, technical or administrative, regarding implementation of a certain tech solution or features of a framework, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can mail us your questions. If you are in a hurry, then give us a call. We are pro-active in responding to our clients.

  • Dedicated Account Manager Customized solutions for your project

    If you are in requirement of highly customized solutions for your web project, then we the name to reckon. Our developers have ample technical expertise to build result-oriented functionalities for your business framework. We efficiently integrate the features in your framework, and upgrade them when needed. Not only solutions, but we also customize our service rates accordingly.

  • Monitoring Results Deep research and analysis

    A lot of research is put behind the whole development process. From the initial brainstorming sessions to creating prototypes to testing models and final delivery, we put in our heart to build robust web platforms for you, for which you would be proud of. We bring business and goodwill to your website and web app.

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