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  • 5 Reasons Why You Must Continue Content Creation Amid COVID-19

    Post Date: 09-Jun-2020 Categories: SEO

    The COVID-19 has abruptly changed the functioning of the entire world. With clients pausing their projects, and in-house digital marketing projects coming to a halt, one thing that should not change is your content creation strategy. Everyone in the digital marketing industry will agree that quality content paves the way for further digital marketing activities. This said, one should always find a silver lining in every phase. Even though COVID-19 has a profound impact on the businesses and the economy, with client projects paused and most of the workforce working from home, now is the time to explore new content prospects and plan out a quality content creation strategy. This way, you will be ready for combating the post-COVID phase.

    5 Reasons To Create Promising Content

    In this article, we will discuss the following key points -

    1. More people are exploring the internet

    2. Customers are looking for positive distractions

    3. Participate in COVID-dialogues

    4. Long-term prospects

    5. Build a community

    Let's begin!

    1. More People Are Exploring The Internet

    With many lives on standby amid the ongoing pandemic, people are spending more time on the internet. With millions of people cooped up at their houses, many have turned to digital devices for everything from updates to entertainment.

    Many social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more have recently reported a surge in increased app activities.

    So, how can increased social media activities help you with your brand's content creation?

    To roughly pit, you have an audience right at your fingertips.

    How do you make the most of these times?

    Even if people are not ready to make purchases, there is no harm in feeding them with useful content so that they can reach and influence an even wider group of customers.

    Now is the time to explore other content mediums like webinars, podcasts, memes and other graphics, videos, and more to influence the audience.

    Publish blogs, share social media content because even if people are not purchasing anything, they ARE noticing what you are posting online.

    2. Customers are looking for positive distractions.

    A lot is happening this year - from the pandemic to unforeseen natural calamities, to geopolitical unrest. With so much going on in the world, and social media being used as a tool to convey these distressing messages, people are continuously looking for positivity and good news online.

    Lockdowns, self quarantines, reduced physical and social activities have made many people feel frustrated and anxious.

    As a brand, how do you propose to give them distractions to help them catch a breath?

    Now is the time when you should go beyond conveying brand messages and produce content that takes care of your audience's general well being.

    People are desperate to find entertaining content to work as a distraction.

    Relate your brand with the ongoing struggles of your audience.

    For example, if you're a skincare company, publish content about home remedies and tips that people can use for taking care of their skin.

    3. Participate in COVID-dialogues

    Taking no stand is worse than taking the wrong stand.

    As a brand, it is your responsibility to comment on the pandemic, or else people could think that your brand is ignorant of this human crisis, and you surely wouldn't want that.

    Revise your content strategy to speak out about your opinions and activities about the virus.

    By taking such a stand, your audience can further admire and respect you.

    Because these are uncertain and concerning times for everyone, create content that shows solidarity.

    Re-position your content strategy around the COVID-19 to better relate with your readers.

    • Provide free value or discounts to your customers

    • Make engaging content like quizzes and puzzles for them to solve

    • Send out positivity and care for the people who are impacted by the virus

    • Make provisions to support essential employees like delivery boys and healthcare workers.

    • Openly discuss what measures you as a brand are taking to keep people around safe.

    • Any charities or donations that you have made towards the coronavirus.

    For example, notice how food delivery apps and local grocery stores are publishing content on online deliveries, emphasizing the importance of sanitization.

    Or the healthcare and medical industry is focusing on the importance of immunity-boosting.

    Brainstorm on what current issues of people can your company help and base your content strategy on it.

    4. Long-term prospects

    Nothing is permanent. With the speed at which research teams around the world are trying to come up with a new vaccine, there will come a day when this virus will be eradicated from the entire human race. When that time comes, and everything goes back to normalcy, the world economy will take a long time to recover.

    Have you thought about the post-COVID period yet?

    What happens to your brand once we are past the pandemic phase? Keeping the prospects in mind, businesses should not abandon their content production process.

    With a marketing and branding perspective in mind, you must publish content that helps you -

    • Enhance brand awareness and reputation by publishing content that shows what you believe in.

    • Convey your message clearly to your potential customers about the current situation of your offerings and deliveries.

    • Establish good rapport and trust with your customers by providing quality-assured support.

    • Provide special offers, discounts and coupons to your loyal customers.

    • Engage with them and collect feedback.

    Think of your content marketing strategy as a long term investment in branding. 

    5. Build a community

    So what if your customers are not buying from you right away? This should not stop you from implementing your online marketing strategies.

    We all agree that with such uncertain times in place, people's demand and supply have turned upside down. In many instances, Google recorded that during the last few months, users have used search terms that were never used before.

    It is no surprise that many companies are facing a reduced conversion rate during the pandemic.

    So it is obvious to think "why should I waste time creating content if it is not bringing any customers?"

    The catch here is that no content piece is just about the revenue, but to bring more customers to your platform or website.

    People are no longer reading about brands for shopping but to connect with them. And if you, as a brand, can create this energy, you can potentially expand your customer base.

    Wrapping up!

    Producing content is a creative tool that fuels business' growth prospects. This means that your creativity wagon drives your content creating capabilities.

    Post pandemic, it is up to every single company how they make their content work. But as it seems, those businesses who continue to produce excellent content throughout these weird times will come out as educators, leaders, and accessible, trustworthy brands.

    However, time and again, people have emphasized the fact that content marketing alone will not yield results that digital marketing as a package can.

    To make your website yield more results amid such uncertainty, you should hire the best SEO services NYC, PPC services, and content marketing specialists. Partner with a professional digital marketing agency in New York that has an impressive track record of putting clients' businesses on the top.

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