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  • 6 Reasons Why You Must Use SEO During The COVID-19 Pandemic

    Post Date: 05-May-2020 Categories: SEO

    It has been months since the COVID-19 Pandemic has put everything at a halt. People are following large scale quarantines, social distancing measures are being taken, large enterprises are taking up work from home, and local businesses are shutting down. All these changes are affecting the world economy.

    While all this is making these hard times more gloomy, there is a silver lining - you have an opportunity to boost your SEO and prepare for the future when the economy rises again.

    In this article, we will throw light on six key reasons why boosting your SEO during COVID-19 will help your business in the long run.

    Here’s everything we will discuss -

    • Branding and Credibility

    • Leverage Local SEO

    • People’s Changing Search Behavior

    • New Audiences and Opportunities

    • Leads & Revenue

    • Prepare For The Future

    Let’s get started!

    1. Branding and Credibility

    As businesses struggle worldwide, staying visible, relevant, reputable is more crucial than ever. No matter the services you offer - essential goods or nonessential goods - boosting your SEO today will help your business and brand combat the Corona storm successfully.

    By producing relevant and useful content for your customers, you can build a good rapport with them.

    For example, if you’re a software company, you can create content like tutorials, demos, DIYs to communicate to your customers that you are there for them.

    Based on the industry that you are in, it might be difficult or simple to maintain search rankings. For example, if you operate in the healthcare industry, it might be difficult to rank because there is already a lot of content being published by high authority, credible sites.

    Whereas, if you’re operating in the travel niche, it is relatively more accessible for you to rank higher in the search results because there has been a significant drop in searches related to travel, therefore low competition.

    2. Leverage Local SEO

    Because there are restrictions on unnecessary movement and travel, you can use local SEO. Despite the outbreak, there are still some essential goods or services that the consumers require. For example, people still need groceries.

    This means that if your shop is offering a “safe home delivery” option, you can use SEO to show up on the search results, therefore increasing brand awareness. You can update your Google My Business Listing, create content around your services, and add them to your website and social media pages.

    You can use words like ‘near me’ or ‘home delivery’ and incorporate them in keywords, for example, ‘groceries home delivery’ so that people can find your services quickly.

    3. People’s Changing Search Behavior

    Google Trends has created a COVID-19 hub where search trends based on COVID-19 are updated. This hub shows how people’s searches are inclining towards sustainability and survival. For example, the top searches in the United States include questions like “how to pay bills during an emergency?”, “ways to contain the virus at workplaces,” “tips for work from home,” and more.

    This search behavior implies that brands should create content that is based on the current search intent - survival. For example, if you’re an insurance company, you should create content around your policies around Coronavirus related issues.

    4. New Audiences and Opportunities

    You need to monitor your site’s data on Google Analytics and Search Console. You might find new audiences that you have not yet tapped in. If you find a rise in new audience demographics, this is the time to be creative and find out ways to engage with them actively. If successful, you can create a new community and improve your sales funnel. 

    5. Leads & Revenue

    No matter what, you need leads and revenue to keep your brand afloat. Even though you have a strong customer base, you should keep trying to tap into new audience sets. Also, you must find ways to keep your existing audience engaged.

    If your SEO is on point, your website is healthy enough to make it to the first page of the results. With a combination of SEO and content marketing, you will increase your chances of signing up new customers. Especially if you own a local restaurant or an essential goods shop, now is the time to explore alternative options like drive-thrus, food deliveries, and home deliveries. You can add these services on your website and create content around it to actively reach your nearby audience.

    6. Prepare For The Future

    Boosting your website SEO - be it updating meta descriptions, creating informative content that meets the search intent, or strengthening backlink profile, investing in SEO now can help you better prepare for a rebound once we COVID-19 become a thing of the past.

    SEO is one of the powerful tools that you must employ today to reap the benefits in the future when demand rises again.

    In conclusion

    True, the economy is in a rut because of the Pandemic. There is a lot of uncertainty; no one knows for how long the Pandemic will be and how long it will take for things to get back to normal.

    Therefore, instead of stressing out on things that are not in our control, it is better if we focus our energy on what steps we can take. By investing in strategic SEO, you can make your website and brand to a whole new level.

    Because of the free time available - all thanks to the lockdown, you can make your marketing department take up free online marketing and SEO courses for a better understanding of SEO. You can also hire a professional SEO service company in New York that can guide you in making the right decision for your site. To avoid hit and trial methods on your SEO efforts, a little guidance from a professional SEO company wouldn’t hurt.

    At Digiml, our SEO team strives to make your website visible to your potential audience after studying your business and niche area in detail. Contact us to discuss your SEO project, and let’s get you the search engine ranking you deserve

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